Iraqi Soccer Project


Lift Off

Thank for your interest in The Iraqi Soccer Project! We are beginning to put this idea into motion, laying the foundation for this effort and initiative. What began as a casual conversation months ago has transformed into a full-fledged operation.

About this idea... it dawned on our team that we have a unique opportunity in front of us. My being deployed to the region gives us a foothold to turn a concept into reality. Closing in on 15 years in Iraq, American and Coalition forces have gone through a number of high's and low's in Iraq and the surrounding countries. While the long-term focus of the public eye remains fixated on the establishment of a productive, self-sustaining democratic government in Iraq, The Iraqi Soccer Project is determined to focus on those impacted at the community level by this macro rebuilding effort. 

Growing up around soccer in Tennessee, I never was short a ball, goal, or other equipment to enjoy the game. My daily after-school activities surrounded the game from a very early age. It kept me out of trouble, taught many bigger life lessons of teamwork and how to seek enjoyment in competition, and provided a much-needed outlet in a distracted environment. 

With the upcoming 2022 World Cup being held for the first time in the Middle East, the World's game is about to be center stage in the region. As popular as soccer is in Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, and Jordan, the World Cup being held nearby is set to further cement it as the region's most commonly enjoyed activity. It has been said that "few events bring together Iraqis as a nation like soccer." In a time of rebuilding and unification in Iraq and ahead of the game being showcased to the World from the Gulf Region, the ISP is determined to organize the sense of community around the game that existed before Uday Hussein dismantled the nation's recreational programs. 

We hope you share in our excitement in bringing this idea to life. 

Let's do this,


Wade McMinn