Iraqi Soccer Project


PARK SSC Ball Delivery


THANK YOU! A few weeks ago, we launched a GoFundMe to raise donations to cover the shipping costs for our Official Ball Partner PARK SSC ( and their initial delivery of 500 soccer balls. Our supporters and followers came through! While we are still looking for additional funds to cover other equipment donations, we were able to get PARK's balls to Jordan for children here. 

We alluded in our previous blog post about a partnership that has been building with The Pass Project, a similar soccer-centric initiative being run by a fellow US Service-member stationed here in northern Jordan.  Curtis and his Pass Project have taken off! The Project has built a working relationship with a school of roughly 220 students in northern Jordan to construct a permanent soccer field. The kids currently utilize make-shift goals without any equipment, but their love for the Beautiful Game shines through. The Pass Project has raised nearly $3,000 to purchase very nice goals and other supplies to provide these kids with a field that meets their desire to enjoy the game.

When the field is opened to the children, ISP Founder Trey McMinn will be there to give every single child at the school a PARK SSC soccer ball. It'll be a day that will go a long way to fulfilling our mission to bring the game to the feet of every under-privileged kid in this region. We cannot wait to see the smile and excitement on the faces of these children when they see what ISP and The Pass Project have put together for them! 

The other 200+ balls donated by PARK SSC and delivered by our supporters will be given in bunches out to kids in the refugee communities across northern Jordan. The next step for the Project after Jordan will be a month-plus focus on northern and western Iraq. Keep a close eye on our progress and please help to continue to spread the word of our mission so we can keep providing the equipment for the Beautiful Game to kids across this region. 

With love,


Wade McMinn