Iraqi Soccer Project


Project Kit Fundraiser Complete!

As many of you may have seen, we collaborated with Icarus FC, a jersey designer and manufacturer in the US, to make a Home and Away Kit for the Project. The idea was to use these kit sales as a way to raise money to cover our logistics costs in getting more donated soccer equipment to children in Iraq and Syria. Because we do not have a logistics/shipping partnership in place, we have had to turn to our supporters to help us get these items to children who need them the most in conflict areas in this region. The results shocked us all!

When the idea was originally presented, ISP Founder Trey McMinn and the Icarus FC design team were all over the place in terms of what the kits would look like. A single kit was the focus. But, as the design process went from days to weeks, it became apparent we had two designs that were both unique and classy. One was loud and modern and the other was classic and driven by inspiration from the old UC Sampdoria kits from Serie A. We couldn't decide which to present to our supporters for sale --- so we decided to roll the dice with both! The popularity of the shirts and the feedback we received far surpassed our biggest dreams and expectations. We didn't have enough of these kits to sell!

Despite making a second round of orders with Icarus FC, we still ended up with supportive customers asking for more. There are not words to describe the feeling of humility and love we have received over these two products! More importantly, the two kits (later tabbed as 'Home' and 'Away') will end up raising over $1,000 for the Project to continue shipping donated items to kids in Iraq and Syria! It will take some time for our team to receive the shirts from the manufacturer and we will do our absolute best to quickly then pass them on to our supporters who were lucky to grab one (in some cases, two or three!) before they ran out. The entire experience further cemented our appreciation of the global reach of the game, as we had customers reaching out to us in support from dozens of countries. Humbling, exciting, and hugely productive! 

To keep the momentum going, we will use these funds to get donated items collected by our partners Football Is Freedom over to the Gulf Region as soon as possible. Additionally, for those that missed out on the Home and Away kits, we're working with Icarus FC to bring these back for sale again in the next couple of months. This re-release may also feature an in-the-works Third Kit inspired by the 1980's kit of the English Premier League and Serie A. We hope you'll like what we're putting together, and we absolutely cannot wait to see our Iraqi Soccer Project kits hit the streets on the backs of supporters everywhere! 

Much Love,

Trey McMinn

Wade McMinn