Iraqi Soccer Project


Huge smiles across Jordan

When this Project was conceived, we never imagined being able to network with a company like PARK Social Soccer Co. The Australian brand has been critical to our success. With 500 of their standout balls in our possession courtesy of their Pass A Ball Project, the ISP team covered Jordan for the month of April giving out to balls to children in the refugee communities across northern Amman and the town of Az-Zarqa.

The impact was instantaneous! Kids from every corner of the neighborhood would hear about the crazy Americans coming through with PARK balls in tow and come scrambling to their nearby make-shift playing grounds. Throughout our ventures to find kids in need, we came across soccer balls of all shapes, sizes, and conditions -- all long overdue for a replacement. Dirt and sand parking lots were easily being converted into fields of dreams with rocks as goals and used construction tape as sidelines. All of that didn't matter. The Beautiful Game persists and shines - these kids could really play and they showcased their skills with our team. The smiles seen when these children received their brand new (and beautiful) PARK balls brought a joy to our group that tapped into why this Project exists in the first place. We ran into some questions from the local authorities, but in the end we were able to distribute over 150 balls to children in these neighborhoods. 

A big thanks to those that have helped get this Project where it is today. We know that dozens and dozens of underprivileged children in northern Jordan now have a lasting gift to help grow their already passionate love for the game. 

Wade McMinn