Iraqi Soccer Project


Partnership drops with The Pass Project!

Among the contacts that we have made in our efforts to spread the Beautiful Game to children in this region, we cherish our relationship (and friendship) with Curtis from the Pass Project. Curtis is another US Service-member stationed in Jordan. In a meet up that could have only been made possible by today's social media, we found a common drive and shared passion around the game in Curtis and what his Pass Project set out to achieve. 

In this spirit, it only felt right to partner with The Pass Project to get balls at the feet of underprivileged children in Jordan. I feel confident in saying that it has benefited both of our efforts equally. Tapping into relationships he made through his military duty, Curtis has set out to build an awesome permanent field for a school near the Jordan/Syria border. This school of nearly 200 children has a large population of displaced children from nearby conflicts. To support his work, we felt compelled to have our Project supplement donated balls from PARK Social Soccer Co. to The Pass Project to give to every single child at this school when the field opens. While the field was being built, we gave Curtis some balls to give to the local children in a preview of what is coming their way. Huge success! More balls, more smiles from all involved. Way to go, Curtis! We can't wait to see that field finished and PARK SSC and Iraqi Soccer Project at the feet of all of those kids!

To see more of The Pass Project's work, visit their Instagram page @thepassproject.

Wade McMinn